River North




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River North is Chicago’s posh headquarters. Fine dining, lavish lodging, and high end shopping is the name of the game in River North and we are here for it! A stunning city like Chicago needs a neighborhood like River North to spoil us rotten. 

Our Favorite Places in River North

The Godfrey Hotel

Godfrey Hotel


Tables at Three Dots and a Dash

Three Dots and a Dash

Champagne glasses

Pops for Champagne


What We Like About River North

One of our favorite things about River North is the food. We rated this neighborhood’s food at 90%. It’s filled with quantity and quality food – so much deliciousness per square foot. The price range is not very generous, but the food is absolutely scrumptious and dare we say, worth the price? Some of our favorite spots in River North are worth traveling there (pretty often) just to revisit. Most dining spots have the ambiance to match and that makes River North a food heaven.

The night life in River North is pretty impressive when it comes to having options. This neighborhood has a bustling night scene and we rated night life at 85%. A night out on the town in River North will cost you, and some places are more expensive than they are fun so do some research on your venue if you’re looking for a mood. For those of us on a well deserved vacation and looking for a lovely experience that showcases Chicago’s finest, River North is a great place to start. It’s definitely a neighborhood worth experiencing for some night life memories.

Speaking of Chicago’s finest, we gave River North a 90% heartbeat score. River North definitely feels like Chicago. It’s swimming with blue collar professionals by day, and pulsing with party flair by night. And on a clear night, the city lights feel like a dream. It’s also home to part of the popular Chicago Riverwalk, a lovely path alongside the Chicago River you can stroll down and take in some stunning views. River North is yet another neighborhood that makes Chicago great.