Wicker Park




Hidden Gems







It sure is hard to get more Chicago than Wicker Park. It’s trendy, urban, and diverse. It’s everything great about Chicago, minus the big corporate businesses and skyscraper buildings. The residential areas hidden behind the shops and nightlife are ironically quiet and calm, so you can almost imagine living there and never having to leave because why would you? It’s probably the most well rounded neighborhood in the city for that reason. It feels like Wicker Park truly has it all.

Our Favorite Places in Wicker Park

Wormhole Coffee

Wormhole Coffee

Bonci Pizza

Blue Line Lounge and Grill

Knead Pizza sign

Knead Pizza

Interior of Bake bakery in Wicker Park


What We Like About Wicker Park

It’s tough to curate a list of things we like about Wicker Park. It is one of our favorite neighborhoods and so Chicago! We rated the nightlife at 95%. The range of things to do in Wicker Park is nothing less than impressive. Just turned 21 and want a celebratory night out on the town? Prefer an older crowd with a more laid back feel? Something a little more upscale or reserved? How about specialty coffee shops, retail stores, bakeries, or restaurants during the day? After all, Wicker Park’s to-do list extends beyond night owl hours. 

Wicker Park is the kind of neighborhood you can visit with no plans. The entire neighborhood feels like a host for all of Chicago’s hidden gems, which is why we rated this category at 97%. Just show up and see how you feel – you won’t be disappointed. You can go in any random place if you’re feeling free, or hit up your reliable go-to’s. Either way, this neighborhood’s got your back. 

Wicker Park is definitely a major player in Chicago’s beating heart. We gave this neighborhood’s heartbeat score a 98%. One of the things that makes Chicago special is it’s many neighborhoods, with so many different personalities. Sometimes the city feels like many different city’s gathered into one area. Wicker Park is Chicago because it truly feels like a mini city within the big city. It’s a neighborhood many Chicagoans love to visit, like a dear old friend you can count on for laughter and fond memories. When you go to Wicker Park it feels like everyone is vacationing there. This neighborhood makes Chicago, well. . . Chicago.

Photo of Canon in front yard of mansion