Hidden Gems







Wrigleyville pulsates with an old Chicago charm. Maybe it’s the oh so historic Cubs Stadium and all the quirky madness that surrounds it, or maybe its the blue collar culture with all the blue collar feels to match. One thing is for sure, when you’re in Wrigleyville, you instantly know it and you get hit with a wave of Springtime enthusiasm, any time of year.

Our Favorite Places in Wrigleyville

Cozy Noodle

Entrance to Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

Sunnyside Cannabis Dispensary

Big Star

Casey Moran's Tavern

Casey Moran’s

What we Like About Wrigleyville

Nightlife takes the prize for Wrigleyville sweetness. We gave this neighborhood a 97% because if we rated it 100, you wouldn’t believe us. The streets are packed door to door with bars, restaurants, and clubs. There is so much partying in Wrigleyville, that some streets are shut down on some party favorite holidays because sidewalks cannot contain the enthusiastic crowd. It also does Summertime Chi proud, with Cubs fans decorating the neighborhood with team logo  gear and party swag. Popular places are always accessorized with lines (any time of year), but do not despair, there is plenty of fun to go around! With a neighborhood that knows a party scene as well as Wrigleyville, you can always find a spot to kick back, charge up, and have a knee slappin’ good time – in that order.

Of course there are many popular bars and nightclubs in Wrigleyville. Places like John Barleycorn, Sluggers, The Cubby Bear have made their mark in Wrigley culture. However, the party scene is so dense, many hidden gems lay not so buried in Wrigleyville’s streets. Check out a new place for an adventure. An upscale cocktail bar might be tucked away amongst the typical Wrigleyville sports bar. Maybe your next favorite Thai food spot (Ahem . . . Cozy Noodle) is just waiting for you to try it out. This neighborhood has so much to offer and you could easily stumble upon your new favorite spot. It’s definitely a neighborhood you can venture out in.

We rated Wrigleyville at 90% on the heartbeat scale because this place is very close to the pulse of the city. It’s bustling with Chicago pride that you can feel and see on almost every block. In Wrigleyville we’re all Chicagoans, and we’re all family. We can’t forget to mention it is also home to the historical Cubs stadium, which is vibrantly etched into Chicago culture.