Johnnie Walker display at WhiskyXWhiskyX is one of the premier whisky tasting events in the country. Enjoy some of the world’s greatest whisky with great food, music, and entertainment. Featuring over 60+ brands of whisky you get the chance to experience well known classics and little known prospects…all vying to be your new favorite.

WhiskyX visited Chicago for the first time on April 27th, and even though we haven’t spoken to the organizer of the event yet, I think it’s safe to say it was a success. Held in the United Club at Soldier Field, the atmosphere for the event was classy, yet casual. The doors opened early for the VIP crowd, at 6pm, and gave them access to a few extras the rest of the crowd didn’t see. Chefs from Heaven on Seven, River Roast, and Slurping Turtle whipped up some impressive complimentary culinary samples for the VIP ticket holders that turned heads. Combined with exclusive whisky tastings, a free cigar, and advice on pairings from industry leaders led to an exclusive feeling at an already exclusive event.

The food was great, the atmosphere was amazing, and the music was perfect for the event, but it’s the whisky that took center stage. The amount of variety available was enough to put anyone on the hunt. Do you prefer a single malt scotch? How about an aged, blended whisky? Did your friend from Seattle say great things about Westland Distillery but never got the chance to check them out? No need to worry, that’s what this event is about. Representatives from every vendor gladly answer any questions and give context and background to the spirit. Is there a special grain used in the distillation process, is it heavily peated, what type of barrels was it aged in, was wine stored in the barrels before the whisky? That’s just a few of the questions you’ll likely hear as you make your way amongst the booths. You may not show up as a whisky lover, but you’ll leave with a newfound appreciation for it.

There is a lot that goes into making an event of this caliber; the venue has to fit the crowd for both size and style, the food has to compliment the drink and also be easy to eat, the music has to appeal to multiple crowds and play second fiddle to the star attraction, not try to take center stage. When it’s done right it’s amazing, when it’s not…it’s a trainwreck. WhiskyX is an event for connoisseurs put on by professionals, but it’s also an event for beginners, and that’s what makes it special. It’s everything to everyone. Seasoned whisky fans get to try something new, or just enjoy themselves in a nice environment with their favorites. People new to the scene get a chance to try a large variety of top shelf spirits in a pressure-free, casual space. And even if you just want a date night with the one you love…it delivers! Great food, awesome drink and Grammy-award winning music are what memorable nights are about.

Lobster Truck
The Mowgli's
Dewar's display at WhiskyX
Casa noble Tequilla

They haven’t announced the dates for 2019 yet, but I already can’t wait. WhiskyX may not be the only whisky tasting I go to in 2019, but I find it hard to believe I’ll find one I look forward to more. There’s only one more event this year, June 8th in Brooklyn, and then we have to wait. But 2019 may give us a few extras, after all, 2017 only had two events. So keep your eyes open and your fingers crossed because WhiskyX isn’t a fly-by-night event that you can miss and not regret.