About Us

We’re just a small group of friends from Chicago who decided to create more of what we want on the internet. When we thought of Chicago; where we wanted to go, the history of the sights and events, the good restaurants and new spots, there was no one place we could go to get all the info. We could find a lot of stuff, but it wasn’t quite what we wanted. Could the reviews be trusted, was the information engaging and accurate, is this new or is it the same thing I can find anywhere else? We constantly found that we were a little unhappy with the whole experience. So we decided to change that.

Through writing, photography, and storytelling about both past and present, we aim to bring everything Chicago has to offer to you. Restaurant reviews, historical background about neighborhoods and landmarks, current events, and even things to do this weekend…we’ve got you covered! We love everything Chicago has to offer, it’s a truly world class city. So come with us as we take you through everything this great city has to offer.

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