Lea About Us pictureMy name is Lea Dubs I am a writer and bona fide family gal – my husband and son are the bulk of my existence. I am a born and somewhat raised local, having lived most of my years in Chicago, and some in the surrounding suburbs. My favorite memories as a mini Chicagoan growing up include screaming at the top of my lungs anytime Michael Jordan scored a basket, begging my mother to take us to The Taste of Chicago, Millennium Park in the Summer, and who could forget those cows?! As I got older I became caught up in the city rut and turned a blind eye to all the great things that were happening right in my own backyard. When I began working close to the city’s pulse I realized how much I was missing out on! With that I decided it was time to fall in love with my home again – because that’s where the heart is.

Me and my husband Ryan founded Chicago Wiki so that we can discover, celebrate and share the heartbeat of the city with you and to show some gratitude for all the amazing things that are happening in the city at any random moment. We want to live like tourists in our own city, because tourists have way more fun. We hope that you can have more fun in your life, right where you live.