South Loop




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South Loop is an up and coming neighborhood where all the cool kids live. It’s refreshing and blossoming into one of the most resident friendly neighborhoods in Chicago. Everything you can imagine is within reasonable walking distance (including the lakefront!) and public transportation is plentiful. South Loop is a Chicago local’s dream.

Our Favorite Places in South Loop

Roosevelt Collection Shops

Entrance of Burger Bar

Burger Bar

Printer’s Row

Field Museum

Museum Campus

Flo & Santos

Flo & Santos

What We Like About South Loop

At first glance, South Loop doesn’t look like it has much to offer the city but do not despair, we still gave it a respectable heartbeat score of 80%. South Loop is Chicago because it caters so perfectly to the most important part of the city, the residents! There is so much variety in everything it offers residents; live, eat, and shop all in one place with varying options for each. And let’s not forget, plenty of free parking lots on Roosevelt – the South Loop shopping mecca; now that’s big city gold! It may not be the first place on your list to visit for a night out on the town, but it’s the kind of place you want to live and if you’re close, you probably stop in for some or all of your home needs. South Loop is growing, so you can feel all the Chicago vibes rushing in. The River Walk is currently under construction here, so this neighborhood is sure to get a sweet upgrade to night life ratings.

While you’re all snuggled up in your cozy South Loop home, go ahead and order out – the food is delicious across the board. We rated food in South Loop at 80%.