West Loop




Hidden Gems







West Loop is a perfect marriage of cozy and urban. There are tons of shops, bars, restaurants and people so it’s busy, yet still very neat and quiet. On Saturday night, the streets are filled with cars, the sidewalks are packed with many patrons and the neighborhood has a pulse. On Sunday morning it’s the perfect place for an easy morning stroll for brunch and fresh air. This neighborhood has a strong food culture so be prepared to show up hungry, you don’t want to miss out on what they have to offer. In West Loop, you have many options for your taste and budget. 

A unique quality of West Loop is the 360 degree feel; there are places around every corner and on the main and side streets, so it is consistently awesome and truly engaging.

Our Favorite Places in West Loop

Dorite Donuts entrance

Dorite Donuts

Ice Cream Cone from Bombobar

Bombo Bar

Inside dining room at Greenstreet Meats

Greenstreet Meats

Entrance to Forno Rosso Pizzeria

Forno Rosso Pizzeria

Bar and dining room of Mad Boiler restaurant

Mad Boiler

What We Like About West Loop

Foodies unite! West Loop is a foodie paradise. We rated food a 95%. There is a wide variety, both in price point and cuisine – many Chicagoans favorite food spots are in West Loop. The restaurants are also trendy, so you get the added bonus of some picture perfect moments for your meal and venue decor. Visiting a restaurant in West Loop is an entire experience and the food just makes it near perfect. 

We rated hidden gems at 90%. Because of it’s heavy food culture, many niche restaurants live in this neighborhood so you are sure to find your favorite off the beaten path spot for some of your most devilish cravings. Even if you are just in the mood to try something new, West Loop offers the option up with a genuine smile and passion for serving quality food.

We rated West Loop’s heartbeat score at 85%. The neighborhood is a bit more subtle than Wicker Park, The Loop, or Chinatown, but it still feels very much like Chicago. If you want to do Chicago on any given night (or day) West Loop is definitely in the running. It’s one of those glorious Chicago neighborhoods you can spend a day in without ever having to leave. It’s also very walkable, diverse, and friendly.